Why Invest?

Why Invest in a CSA?

According to Prosperity Now, research suggests investing in a CSA has long-term benefits for students and parents.

Children with CSA’s are more likely to attend college and graduate.
In comparison with similar children without CSAs, children with these accounts are:
  • 3 times more likely to attend college.
  • 4 times more likely to graduate.
Children’s savings improve early child development and future financial capability.
  • Children with a CSA at birth score better on socio-emotional development indicators than other children without a CSA. These positive effects occur regardless of the amount or frequency of deposits made by parents into the child’s account.
  • Families with children who have a seeded, matched savings account at birth save more for college than families of children who did not receive these accounts.
  • Students learn about money and how to manage it. Attitudes toward saving and financial institutions also improve.
Children with college savings have greater college expectations.
  • Children begin thinking about their futures, including college attendance, as early as elementary school.
  • Having an account for college helps children build positive expectations about college.
  • Fourth graders with a CSA were three times as likely to mention savings as an important element in paying for college.
  • Children aged 12 to 18 with a savings account for college had higher math scores and were twice as likely to expect to go to college than other children without a CSA.
Children with college savings do better academically.
  • Children in low-wealth families with school savings have higher math scores than those without school savings.
  • CSAs reduce the gap between the expectation of attending college after high school and actual college enrollment.
  • Young adults who had an account designated for college were two times more likely to be “on course” to complete college than those who did not.

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