We’ve got some exciting new changes happening to the CSA!

We’re Partnering with the Washington Student Achievement Council 

Tacoma Housing Authority’s CSA Program will now partner with The Washington Student Achievement Council (WSAC). This helps the program evolve into a new, better way to save!

What is the Guaranteed Education Tuition (GET) Program? How Will it Help my Family Save?  

The GET program is a Washington 529 college savings plan.

The savings in a GET account grow tax-free and remain tax-free when your child uses it for a variety of education expenses at schools in the U.S. and even abroad. Washington State then guarantees that the value of the account will keep pace with tuition growth of the highest priced Washington public college (UW and WSU). Your child can attend any public, private, community, technical/vocation school in the U.S. and even schools abroad and use their funds to pay for a variety of education expenses.

You can make contributions to an account at any time, in any amount. The most effective way to see your savings grow is to routinely deposit whatever amount you are comfortable with and plan to increase it as you can. Every dollar saved is less a student borrows. In this way, the GET accounts act much like those in our traditional CSA program but with the added feature of a guaranteed value for education expenses that will keep pace with inflation and rising costs.

More information can be found on the GET website.

We’ll notify you when enrollment in the 529 program begins in November.

What You Need to do:

Let us know if you would like THA to convert your student’s account to the GET program by October 31,2020. Fill out the form below and let us know if you would like to continue or exit the program.

  • If you choose to convert your account and stay with the CSA program the final step is to open the account with your student’s information by January 31st, 2021. Open enrollment will begin November 1st and we will update this page with a link at that time. You can also contact a THA or WSAC representative who can help as well:
      • THA – Marty Higgins, mhiggins@tacomahousing.org or (253) 345-9699
      • WSAC – Jackie Ferrado, JackieF@wsac.wa.gov or (360) 753-7875
  • If you do not want to continue with the CSA program and do not want to enroll in the 529 GET program we will need to exit you from the program. Heritage Bank will mail you a check including any deposits made to your student’s CSA account by yourself, your family or your student. This means that the check will not include any match deposits made by Tacoma Housing Authority or any other incentives that were earned in the program over the years.


Please fill out the following form for each student that is in the CSA program:

CSA Participation Form

Not a  current CSA participant but want to enroll in the program?

Things to know: 

We’re in the middle of improving the program! This means the following are subject to change for newly enrolled students (after November 1, 2020): 

  • Maximum THA dollars awarded per student 
  • Incentive awards  
  • Eligibility 

Our goal is to have all program changes finalized by summer of 2021.

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