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In September 2015, Tacoma Housing Authority (THA) launched the Children’s Savings Account (CSA) program for the children of Salishan.

This ambitious and innovative program helps students aspire to go to college, prepare for it, pay for it and feel they belong when they get there. Children’s Savings Accounts are a way for a family to start putting a little something toward postsecondary education, and THA is matching that commitment. The CSA program will also provide financial education to both the students and their families. CSA funds will be available for the student’s postsecondary education expenses, including housing, after high-school graduation.

Currently, enrollment in the CSA program is open to Salishan children: (1) who are attending kindergarten in any Tacoma Public School or (2) who are in 6th grade at First Creek Middle School. The program is open to all such Salishan children from both renter and homeowner households. While each CSA cohort is focused on kindergarteners and 6th graders at this time, there are already discussions on how the program can be expanded in the near future.

Support and interest in the CSA program continues to grow in the community. The CSA Program Specialist, Trisha Mozo, continues to give presentations about the CSA program to families and stakeholders.

Over the summer, the CSA program was featured at Salishan’s National Night Out, the Farmer’s Market and Bingo Night. CSA informational materials and promotional trinkets have been developed, creation of a website is underway, and a short video about the program is coming soon.

Do you want to learn more about the CSA program or have a question about enrollment?


Trisha Mozo, CSA Program Specialist
Phone: (253) 207-4443