K-5th Grade Elementary School Stage

Matched Savings Accounts

Who is Eligible?
  • Students who live in Tacoma’s Salishan neighborhood and attend any Tacoma public school
  • Students who do not live in Salishan but attend Lister Elementary School.
  • Salishan children of both renter and homeowner families are eligible.
  • Once enrolled in the program for a year, a student will remain eligible for the CSA program even if he or she leaves for another school in Tacoma Public Schools
How does the program work?
  • THA opens a savings account in your child’s name.
  • THA makes the first $50 deposit.
  • THA matches your deposits dollar for dollar up to $400 per year.
  • Savings are protected and grow until college.
  • The program also offers parents and students with training on how to understand money, use financial services wisely and get the most from money.
  • A student who starts at kindergarten and whose family participants fully, by the end of 5th grade, would have $2,400 in family deposits and $2,400 in program match deposits, for a total of $4,800.
  • The match of funds ends after 5th grade. The child then moves to the next stage in 6th grade at First Creek Middle School.
Renters AND homeowners are ELIGIBLE to apply.