6th-12th Grade Middle & Highschool Stage

Scholar Incentive Program

Who is Eligible?
  • Students who live in Salishan AND enroll at First Creek Middle School
  • Salishan children of both renter and homeowner families are eligible.
  • Once enrolled in the program for a year, a student will remain eligible for the CSA program even if he or she leaves for another school in Tacoma Public Schools.
How does the program work?
  • THA opens an account in your child’s name.
    Students meet college & career-ready goals.
  • A  Menu of Incentives is provided.
    Upon achieving each milestone, the program will deposit money into the student’s CSA. The amount of the deposit will vary with the type of milestone.
  • Students can earn up to $700 per year.
  • Savings are protected and grow until college.
    The program also offers parents and students with training on how to understand money, use financial services wisely and get the most from money.
  • After seven years of such deposits, starting in 6th grade, a student who achieved fully would have a balance of $4,900, plus any balance brought over from the elementary school CSA. That additional balance would be $4,800 for a student whose family participated fully in the elementary school CSA, for a total of $9,700 from kindergarten through high school.
  • Once a student graduates from high school, the balance in the CSA will be available to pay for the costs of attending college or training programs. These costs can include tuition, books, housing, or transportation.
  • A student who fails to graduate from high school or does not enroll in a qualified program after graduation will forsake the program’s contribution to his or her account.
Renters AND homeowners are ELIGIBLE to apply.