Prepare Your Child For Their Education After High School

Children’s savings accounts (CSAs) can greatly increase the prospects that children will attend college.

What is a CSA program?

  • The program establishes a bank account in the name of the participating child. A custodian organization controls the account.
  • The program matches the family’s deposits at a stated ratio and within limits. (THA’s program for elementary school children will do this. Its program for middle and high school students will link program deposits to academic achievement.)
  • The program limits withdrawals.
  • The account balance is available only for specific purposes, generally education related.
  • CSA programs often offer related services, such as financial literacy courses.

CSAs can serve four purposes:

  • First, they help a child and a family save for college.
  • Second, they help them get used to saving.
  • Third, they can ease an unbanked family into mainstream financial services.
  • Fourth, they allow a child and a family to think more positively about their future.

This program helps parents start saving for their child’s education after high school. The program serves students in grades K-12 and includes both elementary schools and a middle through high school stage.

We have two plans available:

K-5th Grade Elementary School Stage


6-12th Grade Middle & High School Stage

Your child's future is WORTH IT

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